Classic French Onion Soup: Rich & Savory

Ah, the delightful aroma of Classic French Onion Soup wafting through the kitchen, a heartwarming dish that conjures memories of cozy Parisian cafes and shared conversations. This recipe captures the essence of traditional French cuisine, presenting a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.


  • 4 large onions, thinly sliced
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp thyme, chopped
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 6 cups beef broth
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Baguette slices
  • Gruyere cheese, grated


  1. Melt the butter in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onions and cook slowly until caramelized and golden brown.
  2. Add garlic and thyme, and sauté for a few more minutes.
  3. Pour in the wine to deglaze the pot, scraping up any flavorful bits from the bottom.
  4. Add the beef broth, salt, and pepper. Let the soup simmer for about 20-30 minutes.
  5. Preheat your broiler. Ladle the soup into oven-safe bowls, top with baguette slices, and generously sprinkle gruyere cheese.
  6. Place the bowls under the broiler until the cheese is bubbly and golden.
  7. Serve hot and enjoy this soul-soothing classic!

Prep time: 15 minutes | Cook time: 45 minutes

Yields: 4 servings

A bowl of Classic French Onion Soup is a testament to the marriage of simple ingredients into a dish that’s complex in flavor and history.

Nutrition information: Calories: 240 | Fat: 12g | Carbohydrates: 24g | Protein: 8g

Indulge in the warmth of this classic French onion soup recipe. Each spoonful takes you on a journey through time, echoing with the laughter and camaraderie of the Parisian cafes where this soup has been savored for generations. Share this comforting delight with loved ones, and let its rich, savory taste create new memories at your own table.

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